Artists are, by nature, emotional people! We have to be. We have to experience emotion to be able to create! We hit extreme highs and lows. If we don’t, you won’t feel anything when you see our work. It is all a part of the process. But it is not easy.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve in this world makes you extremely vulnerable. While I admit, it can be a good thing for creativity, but it takes its tole on your soul over time.

As I said before, my pieces are done with prayer and meditation. Each piece is a part of me. A child, if you will. When I sell a piece, I am selling a piece of me.

Imagine the struggle there. Put a price, a dollar value on a part of you? Can you?

Now, stand in front of people and see if they feel that part of you is worth the price you put on it!

Now, imagine this… someone does find value in that piece of you, but they think it should be less. Or, they offer you a post-dated check!!

I don’t understand the thought process. As an artist, am I thought to be rich? (I am. But only in ideas!) Do I have a hidden stash of cash to draw from? I wish. I use the money I recieve from sales and classes to enable me to create more and to pay my bills. Everything you see on my table is paid for from that money. The companies that sell the supplies I use expect payment before they ship to me. Everything!!! I can’t wait to pay them until the piece sells.

Funny thing about my life… people see my emotions (and I am happy about that.). Some appreciate it and support me. Others… manipulate. They tell me all sorts of stories to get me to do what they want. Here’s the funny thing… I have been there. I have lived those things. I have pretty much heard it all.

People think artists are not good business people. It can be true. But, over time, you either learn to be or find someone to help you be. Or you will not be in business for long.

I have learned. While I feel sympathy for you and your issues, I too am going thru issues. Often, I dont share them, because they are too private and personal, but they are there.

I wait for my paycheck too. Mine come at vending event and classes. I pay bills. Supplies are purchased before anything can happen. Vending fees are paid months before an event. And, I have family.

Please, dont try to manipulate me anymore! I do not want to be mean! But, I HAVE to survive too!

Putting this out there in writing!


I WILL TAKE TRADES! If you have something I can use, I will be happy to trade, but please dont offer me your junk.

Thanks for listening! Sorry it was long! Sometimes, you just need to get your feeling out.


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