Where to start???? — Part 2

Welcome back!

I know the place I left off was really dark and sort of a cliff hanger. But that is what a good story teller does. We try to leave you wanting more. Unless it is depression! Who wants more of that?

I certainly didn’t and still don’t. But…..

My husband has been thru this whole rodeo ride with me, several times. He has a saying “Just do one thing!” Every day! Do one thing. I could not get motivated to make anything new. So I turned to a UFO.

I had started this quilt about 7 years ago. I had been an avid quilter for many years. But I put this one aside when I got Tanner. You see, my previous dog had been a pin-eater. I didn’t know it, until he got sick. When I got Tanner, I just did not want to take a chance. No Pins!!! I stopped sewing and quilting.

But the rhythm of hand-quilting is very soothing. And in 7 years, the industry had put out some wonderful tools that eliminated my need for pins. So I decided to give it a try.

I worked for hour, after hour, after hour on the is piece. And I finished it. I was feeling a bit better, but still not there yet.

I even tried some beadwork. I did some really different things. Most of these pieces are slowly transitioning into art pieces. But I was still feeling futile.

Then, I reconnected with my torch and healing started to happen. I guess because as a Scorpio, I am a water spirit, healing comes from balance. I had been crying a lot of tears and now I was working with flame.

My family even took me on an overnight trip to Corning NY to visit the glass museum. It was really re-ignited my passion. But my skills are a bit lacking.

I have spent hours watching videos, reading books, studying others work, asking questions and practicing to get to what you see here. And why am I doing it? you may ask?

For me!!!!!

I am not looking to sell these beads, although I could when I get better. I am just looking to enjoy doing again.

I have also decided to eliminate some items from the things I make. No more moccasins or bonnets! No more jewelry!!! It is just not for me.

I am going to focus on my Tree of Life pieces and my other art pieces.

I am still not whole again. And depending on how you define OK, I might not be that either. But I am seeing light! Light is a good thing! Balance is better and hopefully I will get there again, someday!

Thanks for listening. Hope you come back soon to see what I am up to next!

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  1. Welcome back…so sorry for all the pain but it cleanses us. I am now a cancer survivor and have gone back to crocheting and stringing bead jewelry. Easy peasy is my game now and alot of my stress is gone. I salute you girl. Stay true to yourself always…Love you

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