Dream Catcher/Mandala with Spirit Animals


Item Description:

Hoop diameter:  4 inches
Beaded Medallion:  3 inches
Overall length:  10 inches

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Looking for your Spirit Animal?  Unsure which animal has chosen you at this time in your life?  Honor them all for their special messages.  Many may visit you, each with a different piece of wisdom.  Hand this piece where you can see it often.  Meditate on it, pray about it, and analyze your dreams.  When the time is right, your Spirit Animal will become clear to you.


Looking for bead work made with care?  Look no further.  At Bouncing Wolf Creations, I create my pieces in the traditional way.  I stitch one bead at a time with great care, prayer and meditation.  I bring an old art form into the modern world.



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